Courses currently taught

Biopsychology and Lab - Psych 4200 - Undergraduate core course

    This class explores the biological basis of behavior, with topics ranging from neurophysiology and neuroanatomy to neuronal underpinnings of cognition and consciousness.  Labs includes dissection and gross anatomy of sheep brains, staining of rat brains to evaluate cell number and structure, and recording of nerves from the tail of the crayfish.

Biopsychology and Lab - Psych 8050 - Graduate core course

    This class will delve into the mechanisms underlying complex behavior and cognition through directed readings of primary literature.  Students will be responsible for the development and presentation of a research proposal investigating a topic in psychology from a physiological perspective.

Psychopharmacology Seminar - Psych 8500 - Graduate elective (occasionally offered)

    This seminar will cover basic principles of pharmacology (pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics and overviews of the various neurotransmitter systems), as well as their contribution to various psychopathologies including depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and drugs of abuse/addiction.  Students will be responsible for developing and leading class presentations on these topics.

Behavioral and Neural Economics Seminar - Psych 8500 - Graduate elective (occasionally offered)

    This seminar will examine topics relating to our perception of value and our decisions as they relate to assessed value.